Don’t be the fattest woman in your house anymore!

Being a mom is really a challenging one, there is lots of time spent cooking and taking care of the house. There are no special times for you to spend for yourself and take care of your shape. Now it is very simple for moms to get in shape. Pregnancy and other issues could have added some extra pounds on their body and it is the right time to add a little bit of exercise in your keto diet

Leg deadlift 

This is one of the simplest keto diets for Women which is very easy to follow. Stand on one leg and stay in shape. Breathe in and out for 10 counts and relax. Now change your leg alternatively and stand for 10 counts. Likewise, doing this exercise on a regular basis helps to correct the back posture of your body. Hips are balanced with the help of this exercise and the fat that is flagging around your hips will move away. 

Push up 

The hardest workout but it gives the complete keto diet for your body. The push ups are normal to take on any day. Go on fours and balance your body with your hands on the floor. It helps to keep all your parts fit and tight. Make sure your shoulder length and toe length are the same line. It helps you to easily lift your body in much better ways. 

Second position plies 

They are one of the easiest dance moves. It helps to reduce your thighs and as well as helps your sides of the butt to get reduced. Stand with your legs wide open. Now go for half sitting and balance your hands on hips. Make sure that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Count to 10 and slowly push yourself up and come to the starting position. It is much simpler like a dance step but it is far more effective for women who have a huge thigh and butt. 


The bridges are the right way to keep your stomach flat. Lie flat and make sure your foot is parallel to the floor. The knees should be in a bent position and lay your hands flat facing the floor. Raise your hip up and count for three and relax. Do this repeatedly for 5 times to reduce your bulging belly.


Mountain climbs are the best exercises which give a complete workout to your body. Do continuous 20 climbs on the floor and take a break. It may seem a little hard at initial stages but you will definitely get used to it for better ways. It is very simple to try out the mountain climb without any issues. 

These are some of the special keto diets for any aged woman to try out and reduce their body weight within a short span of time. The body weight can be reduced with the help of good workouts and enough food. The right amount of food for the day will surely make you fit and healthy without floating the fat on your body.

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