Effective 1500 calorie keto diet for weight loss

Burning excessive calories is one of the most important processes of weight loss. Each person that tries to gain weight should have to intake the foods that burn calories. Burning large amounts of calories will be highly helpful for quick weight loss. Diet is the main source for burning calories and a keto  diet is effective with flowing food items. 

Tomato Basil Salad

Cut the tomatoes into small pieces and then add 50 grams of tofu to it. Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil and the chopped garlic to it. Use salt and pepper as per your interest with the previous mixture in a jar that is closed tightly. After preparing the mixture, spread this mixture over the tomato and tofu mixture. Finally add chopped basil leaves may be 5 or 6 and leave it for 15 minutes in a closed bowl. 

Pomegranate and Gram Salad

Peel a pomegranate and remove the outer covering to take the seeds. Then add 1 cup pomegranate seeds with ½ cup of black gram that is boiled.  After that add the spicy mix with 1 tsp of lemon juice and blend well. Add salt finally for taste and then leave it for chilling. This will be very effective because pomegranate is the best fruit for weight loss since it is low in calories and it increases strength in the body. This recipe is easy to prepare as it takes a few minutes to get it done.

Strawberry Smoothie

Cut strawberry and add skimmed milk with it and then add yogurt and honey and prepare as a blender. Once it is well blended, pour the blender into a glass and then add chopped almonds to it. This is called a nutritious drink which is low in calories. This will add more strength to the body and reduce fat accumulation in the body. As fat accumulation is stopped by this smoothie there will be notable weight loss results with strength increase.

Salmon fish 

Individuals that tries for weight reduction should have to take salmon fish since it is rich in polyunsaturated unsaturated fats the essential substance for losing weight. 

Salmon fish is rich in protein therefore in taking salmon will increase strength in the body and also it will increase metabolism rate. Protein rich salmon burns excessive fat from the body and increases weight loss. Most people love to taste salmon because it is delicious and easy to cook. Salmon has enormous health benefits therefore it is a recommended weight loss food. You can see better results in a short time since it is natural.


The most important food recipe for weight loss is spinach because it is rich in antioxidants that keep the metabolism boosted so there will be increased fat burning. Spinach is rich in iron, folic acid and magnesium therefore the sugar level in the body is regulated. If blood sugar level is increased in the body there will be sudden increase of weight in the body.  

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